WINE CELLAR ROOM, 250 square metres - 2.10 m wide x 25 m long; suitable for a 300-person cocktail party; a banquet for 125 diners; an imperial reception for 70 people

The castle’s old wine cellar was renovated and is now fitted out for aperitifs in winter, to serve as a discotheque, or for smaller events.

ANNEX HALL, 480 square metres, 15 m wide x 31.5 m long; accommodates a cocktail reception for 800 persons or a banquet for 450.

The castle annex was recently remodelled with the help of the recognized interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is inspired by the French orangeries attached to palaces and castles in France, where lavish family celebrations were held.

Both of these indoor spaces offer Wi-Fi service.

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