12th to 21st century

Escudo Castell de Sant Marçal Various historians assert that the Sant Marçal or Cerdanyola Castle was built during the first third of the 11th century, when the existence of the Sant Marçal church was already documented.

Unlike the church, however, the Castle was not clearly mentioned until the first half of the 12th century, when Ramón Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona, included it among the possessions he donated to his seneschal, Ramón Guillem de Montcada.

In 1225 the seneschal sold the castle to Ramón de Plegamans. The buyer’s son, Marimón de Plegamans, was the founder of the Marimón family, one of the most distinguished of the period. The current owners of the castle are his descendants.

The title of Marquis of Serdañola was granted in 1690 to Félix de Marimón, member of His Majesty’s council in Italy, in recognition of his aid to the Crown. The owner of the castle today is the 22nd Marquis of Serdañola.

It can thus be said that the castle has been owned by the same family for 700 years.